Who is an Interior designer?


 The interior designer is the one who inspects the current state of the object (no matter what the object is about) setting a task, ie a project that covers iron to the client’s guidelines. Conceptual ideas come to conceptual projects (implementation of new ideas into existing, existing state) by which detailed projects will be worked out and projects will be created. Also designed interiors is one that guides the works of the contractor and offers monitoring services only when exporting those same works. Interior design is not a complete step, for a humorous job towards complete renovations of facilities, provided that all actors involved in the process of the same adjustments have the prescribed legal authority and license. What will eventually be perceived as a “cozy space”, “a space with good energy”, “nice space” is actually a carefully designed design.

An interior designer is one who is familiar with the legislation, a fresh step and process, who knows where to save and where to post more.
The one who knows the suppliers, visits the contacts with the reseller bases, who is taught in relation to new trends, materials, design solutions and new technical knowledge.
Considering quality knowledge and experience, knowledge of art and their values, knowledge of decor and materials, knowledge of current offerings in the market that is, which will offer a modern and functional solution.

The one who is able to create a space that meets our needs, which positively influences people who are wandering in the same, in a space that pleases our eyes.
With regard to quality knowledge and experience, knowledge of works of art and their values, knowledge of decor and materials, knowledge of the current offer on the market is the one that will offer modern and functional solutions. One who is able to create a space that suits our needs, that positively affects the people who live in the same, the space that catches our eye.


Why to hire an Interior designer?

The interior designer, according to your wishes and capabilities, provides functional and modern solutions that ensure maximum use of space and adaptation to investors and their lifestyle. With his knowledge and knowledge of space and matter, novelties and design, he saves your money and your time, and with a base of suppliers and contractors, along with an interior designer and a quality project, the execution of the same is in accordance with your wishes and possibilities within the given time.


What are the jobs of Interior designer?

  • Taking stock of the existing state and making substrates in scale (floor plans and blueprints)  
  • Setting a project assignment  
  • Giving ideas through conceptual design
  • Development of conceptual design through conceptual design (detailed design with all components for decoration and adaptation)  
  • Execution project (design of works according to preliminary design) with custom-designed furniture and details  
  • Cost list (detailed construction and construction costs + marketing list)  
  • Performance monitoring and consulting (supervision)  
  • Visiting furniture salons, sales offices, showrooms, and bathroom shops and the like with the client  
  • Participation in the bidding and selection of the best contractor  
    Consulting on the needs of experts from other professions, etc.


What is project supervision?

Supervision of interior work once they begin. We plan and organize the work process, that is, carry out the project work itself in a way that we organize the purchase, advise on the selection of materials and services, control the contractors, coordinate them, define priorities and schedule work by chronology, take care of planned spending.

Supervision includes:

  • Phase supervision and counseling
  • Collect more contractor quotes, select contractors
  • On-site supervision with regard to the necessary interventions for interior reconstruction
  • Go shopping with a customer (as needed)
  • Selection of finishing materials and interior equipment (furniture) together with the client



What is the price list?

The price list includes a description of all the necessary types and quantities of construction, craft and installation work that must be performed on interior decoration. A detailed cost list, with all types of works, is made for the purpose of collecting bids for the execution of construction, crafts and installation works. Apart from interior designers, it is made by experts of other professions (construction, mechanical, architectural, etc.). Complex cost sheets – containing all groups of works (construction, crafts, installers, etc.) are made by experts of other professions and are charged separately.