Design and Architectural Studio MONO is a creative studio that brings together experts in the field of architecture, interior and design so that it can provide its clients with quality and complete service and project execution.



Represent the first real step in the architectural design and creation of the final product. It It It includes a set of mutually aligned designs (floor plans elevations, working 3D visualizations) and documentation that provide basic mandatory functional and technical solutions.


The interior design project addresses the spatial, functional, technical, technological and design interior of the building. While the architectural design determines the basic technical elements of the building, the interior design project by visual enrichment and design enhancement cultivates its interior spaces. The selection, polychromy, design and artistic processing of materials (floors, walls, ceilings), furniture, lighting fixtures and other elements of technical equipment visually express the basic purpose of the interior design project.


According to the obtained conceptual design, detailed photorealistic visualizations of the space are made before it is necessary to agree with the investor about the design of the same using moodboards and examples.Detailed 3D visualizations contain all the parameters determined by the conceptual design and in the visualizations the texture and materials, the environment, the possibilities of space utilization are visible…


Online projects are the conceptual and implementation projects of interior decoration, as well as the creation of visualization, a service that has selected projects of clients with wider areas. All services that are available offline (conceptual designs, project designs, visualizations) are also available in the Online version where communication via e-mail can be designed substantially different from the standard ones.