Design and Architectural Studio MONO is a creative studio that, together with its leading designer and owner Elena Vučinovec, brings together experts in the field of architecture, interior and design so that it can provide its clients with quality and complete service and project execution.

Elena Vučinovec tended to creative expression from an early age and after primary school she enrolled in the School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb, where in the first year she showed interest in spatial design and enrolled in the direction of interior designers.

After high school, he enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb (majoring in architecture and urban planning) and during his university education began to work on the interior design projects, first as a freelancer and then working in design studios.

She has a large number of acomplished projects, both small private apartments and large projects that incorporate entire urban architectural concepts, but nevertheless it mostly focuses on interior design and unique furniture.

Design and Architecture Studio MONO
CEO:  Elena Vučinovec
Adress 1: Milke Trnine 2, 44320 Kutina
Adress 2: Antuna Stipančića, 10000 Zagreb
phone:+385 91 78 86 786